Old Chum

This is how I imagine I look riding to work every morning, sipping coffee and skimming the chronicle.
I was feeling this a bit today, It was toasty climbing the hills of San Francisco. My efforts on the hills, unfortunately, where cancelled out by an unusually large amount of standby time. And any heat I feel here in the bay is nothing compared to the barren roads of my native Colorado in the baking, cloudless days of the summer.
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Ernst Haas: Homecoming soldier, Vienna, 1946-1948

Any Road (by
Group portrait of American Abstract Expressionists, �The Irascibles, 1950�Photo by Nina LeenFrom left, rear: Willem de Kooning, Adolph Gottleib, Ad Reinhardt, Hedda Sterne;(next row) Richard Pousette-Dart, William Baziotes, Jimmy Ernst (w. bow tie), Jackson Pollock (in striped jacket), James Brooks, Clyfford Still (leaning on knee), Robert Motherwell, Bradley Walker Tomlin; (in foreground) Theodoros Stamos (on bench), Barnett Newman (on stool), Mark Rothko (with glasses).